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Calming CBD Oil For Dogs!

Calm Your Pup Now

Soothe Your Pup's Nerves with Bailey's Calming CBD Oil 🌼🐕 - Infused with Chamomile & L-Theanine for Ultimate Relaxation.
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The Newest Addition:

Immunity Dog Chews! 🥓

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Boost Your Dog's Immunity with Bailey's New Mushroom Immunity Dog Chews! 🍄🐶
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Top-Rated Pet CBD

Bailey's Is The Bark Of The Town!

It really helps!

This is the second time we’ve gone to Bailey’s for help for calming CBD chews for our 17 year old Carolina dog. And for the second time what we considered to be somewhat of a Hail Mary has worked. She is much calmer at night and sleeping through it, and as a result is more active in the day.

Bruce D.
Excellent Product

These treats help my dog find his inner Zen! He loves the taste, and they seem to help significantly with calming him when we need him to be a bit more chill. They are a go-to for grooming appointments.

Paige S.
They Really Help Calm

Bertha thrives on Bailey's CBD dog treats, especially the Calming CBD Yummies. They really do help calm her just enough for car ride stress. Less panting, less shaking. And you can tell she's still feeling good and herself. It doesn't drug her like other options out there for calming.

Heather A.
Game Changer

My dog is 14 soon to be 15 years old. Lately mobility has been an issue for her. Slow to get up and shorter distances on her walk. After recieveing the product first from a friend and seeing the positive results. Had to get more and for myself as well.

Ben C.

We couldn’t be more happy with this CBD! Baileys uses such high quality ingredients. Our pug loves it. Can’t wait to get more of their products! :)

Brittany B.
Samson's feeling good!

After giving Samson the CBD oil in his meals daily he is more mobile and has stopped limping. In the evenings he used to be in pain and now he is able to sleep comfortably.

Gail P.
Mr. B loves them!

Mr. B is a 10 year old rescue pup. He loves the hip & joint dog treats, and he's not the easiest to satisfy. They really help give him a pep in his step.

Victoria A.

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