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Bailey's CBD for Dogs Helps Furry Friends Thrive Everywhere

At Bailey’s, we’re dedicated to providing CBD products that help our furry friends thrive. Because as a part of the family, our pets mean everything. 

We offer CBD chews for dogs, as well as smooth topicals and the best CBD oil for dogs! Wondering why you should choose us? Learn more about why fur balls everywhere are puppy-dogging their owners for a bottle of Bailey’s. 

High-Quality of Life For Our Furry Friends

For dog owners, dogs are more than just pets. They’re like children, and they rely on their pet parents to provide the absolute best for them.

That’s why at Bailey’s, we only partner with people and other businesses that have aligned values and the friendliest of intentions for our lifelong companions.

This helps ensure our products maintain the highest level of integrity and transparency from seed to sale. That means improving the quality of life of as many pups as possible! 

Ask the neighborhood dogs and pups! Bailey’s is quickly growing to be a hit with canines across the country. It won’t be long before your own pet friend is at your feet howling about the best CBD for dogs that Bailey’s has to offer.

How CBD Breathes New Life Into Our Pet Partners

The thought of giving CBD to pet friends can sound a little intimidating, to say the least. However, anecdotal evidence shows that CBD can be as useful to dogs as it is for the wellness warriors that care so much for them! 

CBD is a cannabinoid, a chemical compound found inside the cannabis plant. It’s non-psychoactive in nature, has a plethora of healing effects, and is mostly derived from industrial hemp, which means it’s 100% legal all over the world. Cannabinoids from plants fit into the mammalian body like yummy treats in a doggie’s mouth. 

Like us, our doggie buddies have an endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is a network of cellular receptors and activators that has an important role in regulating body functions like mood, sleep, pain, memory, appetite, inflammation, nausea, stress levels, and more.

This system operates through chemicals called endocannabinoids, that the mammal body produces in order to maintain balance in this system. What sucks is our furry friends are sometimes not able to produce some of these chemicals on their own. This puts their system, and certain processes inside it, in dis-balance. Thankfully, endocannabinoids are successfully replicated and stimulated through cannabinoids found inside the cannabis plant.

Supplementing with cannabinoids such as CBD puts the mammalian endocannabinoid system in balance once again. This breathes new life into doggie friends, restores appetites, and helps them relax. No more barking or nervous yelping!

CBD does this by interacting with two main receptors: TRPV1 and 5-HTIA. Shortly after consummation, CBD activates TRPV-1 receptors and helps balance the body temperature, chronic or acute pain, and inflammation. 5-HTIA receptors increase dopamine secretion, which produces antidepressant and anxiolytic effects.

In short, that means if you need CBD for dogs’ anxiety or pain, choose Bailey’s. CBD gives our puppy pals the energy to run and jump like a youthful pup, or calmly relax after an eventful day. Good boys, and good girls!

Woof For Wellness With CBD For Dogs

Puppy eyes and tender pawing from pups are enough to give CBD a chance, though the health benefits of CBD for dogs are many, to start. CBD has been shown to be very effective for your dog’s overall health as well as specific medical conditions.

So, even if your best friend does not suffer from any specific condition, it is perfectly fine to give them CBD as prevention or just as a daily supplement. 

However, hemp CBD can also be used alone as a holistic method of treating certain conditions or in addition to other medications for a number of different conditions and symptoms.

For wellness warriors, this means that your doggie companion may see a huge leap in their quality of life. Still, don't take your pups' word for it. After our breakdown, you'll know the exact reasons why canines of all breeds woof for wellness with CBD for dogs.

Bailey's CBD Oil For Dogs Purchase Guidance

150MG Bottle

For the tiny pups like Bailey that are 25lbs and lower that only need a couple of drops daily. Average 1 month supply.

300MG Bottle

A nice choice for little big doggies up to 50lbs that need a little bit more daily to make ends meet. Average 1 month supply.

600MG Bottle

Some doggies need all the juice. For dogs up to 100lbs, this makes happy living a lot easier. Average 1 month supply. 

900MG & 1800MG Bottle

Have an extra big boy or big girl at 100lbs+? Or a pet friend that needs the extra bark up? Our Extra strength 2:1 CBD: CBG Oil for Dogs has you covered.

Bark If You’re With Us!

At Bailey’s, we understand the unbreakable bond established between dogs and their wonderful owners. It’s why we are committed to providing furry family members with CBD products designed to improve their quality of life. Shop for Bailey’s CBD for dogs today.

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