Testimonials – Bailey's CBD


  • Kacee Smith & Rupert

    "Rupert had anxiety so bad he would bark the entire time I was away at work. After using Bailey's, he's a totally different dog. It's a miracle, Rupert literally got better, I didn't even know that was possible."

    Kacee Smith & Rupert
  • Christine & Shasta

    "Within 48 hours (4 doses) of Bailey’s CBD my 13-year-old dog Shasta showed significant improvement from pain caused by arthritis in her spine and legs. Shasta is again able to climb stairs, run on the beach, and take a couple long walks every day. Plus, after four months of using Bailey’s her laboratory results improved, which is unusual for a senior dog. Bailey’s CBD has dramatically improved Shasta’s quality of life. I am forever grateful!"

    Christine & Shasta
  • Hunter & Murphy

    "Thank you Bailey's CBD for getting our furry son, Murphy, back to normal. Our family is so happy, especially Hunter. Murphy can now climb stairs, has life back in him, enjoys going on walks and he's playing again. We highly recommend Bailey's to everyone."

    Hunter & Murphy
  • Skippy

    "Skippy was slowing down as he ages. He goes crazy for the treats. He has more energy and his coat is much better."

  • Vinny & Bear

    "Bear is an interesting animal with his own quirks and aggressive behavior. He's a much better dog, and he seems to be more active in his older age."

    Vinny & Bear
  • Steve Alter & Chloe

    "Our 8 year-old dog has had 2 knee surgeries and is developing hip dysplasia/arthritis. Since we've started adding CBD oil to her diet she is much more playful and energetic. At one point we ran out for a couple of days, in between orders, and she really slowed down. Within two days of resuming the CBD oil she was happy and active again. We are believers."

    Steve Alter & Chloe
  • Casey Johnson & Sprinkles

    "My cat's seizures have stopped! and his fur is thicker and he's more energetic. I’ll definitely be shopping with Bailey's CBD again soon."

    Casey Johnson & Sprinkles
  • Julie & Mr. Chase

    "Mr. Chase is a happy dog filled with love. He tried Bailey's CBD treats, and immediately approved!"

    Julie & Mr. Chase
  • Midget The Corgi

    "Daily use of Bailey's CBD has helped Midget deal with the arthritis and chronic pain that he developed at 11 years old from hip dysplasia. The pain doesn't effect his as much these days, he can run up the stairs again and is overall happier! -Bao Phan"

    Midget The Corgi
  • Bubba

    "Bubba is 7 years old, has a paralyzed back leg and has been fighting cancer since 2016. We have been using CBD since he was diagnosed, and even though the vet told us he would only have hours to live, he is still with us today. We have been using Bailey's CBD oil for over a year now, and we highly recommend their products. If your dog has cancer, or is in pain, please give Bailey's CBD a try!"

  • Katie & Roxy

    "Roxy began suffering from epileptic seizures on a weekly basis since November 2017. Daily use of Bailey's CBD oil has helped reduce the frequency and intensity of her seizures. Now they occur on more of a monthly basis if that, and when we give her CBD oil while she is seizing, the length and intensity of the seizures is recognizably better. Thank you Bailey's!"

    Katie & Roxy
  • Cheech

    "Cheech is our 14 yr old kitten who is just loving Bailey's CBD oils. Just a few drops on his food twice a day is all it takes to help his old bones relax and make him feel just like a kitty again. Plus it has really helped with his anxiety and aggressive behaviors (he's been known to try and "get us" from time to time). We highly recommend it for your furry loved ones!"

  • Bernie

    "Bernie is twelve years old, and daily use of Bailey's CBD oil has noticeably helped improve his arthritis and chronic pain. He runs up the stairs without as much of a limp, and he seems to tolerate the pain better."

  • Romeo

    "Romeo is 10 years old, has regular seizures and a heart tumor. We have noticed a reduction in the number and severity of his seizures since we've been giving him Bailey's."

  • Shadow

    "Shadow has more energy than he knows what to do with. We began giving him Bailey's CBD treats for 4th of July to help with the anxiety from the fireworks, and he was a very good boy throughout the night! We give him treats daily now to help with his anxiety."

  • Athena

    "Athena is a crazy cat that isn't afraid to claw you for getting too close. Since I've been giving her Bailey's CBD, she is more calm and less aggressive."

  • Willie

    "Willie if a good boy filled with love, but also has separation anxiety. We have seen positive improvements in our treatment method that includes Bailey's CBD treats along with behavioral training."

  • Daisy

    "Daisy is as good of a girl as any pet owner could ask for, but she has bad separation anxiety and will bark while I am at work and has even chewed furniture. We use Bailey's CBD to help with her anxiety, and we notice a positive difference in her overall anxiety. Thank you Bailey's!"

  • Molly

    "Molly is getting older, and we have been noticing signs of hip pain in that she will limp and try not to put weight on her back right leg. Thanks to Bailey's CBD treats, she seems to be dealing with her pain a bit better these days."

  • Orson

    "Orson is 14 years old, deaf and fights chronic back pain daily. He has been on Bailey's CBD treats since July 2018, and the pain relief we see is highly noticeable!"

  • Cash

    "We have been giving him Bailey's CBD to help with anxiety, and we have noticed an improved difference in his anxious behavior."

  • Pepper

    "Pepper has a ton of energy and is always anxious. Since we've been giving him Bailey's treats, we've noticed he's more calm and less anxious."

  • Hennessy

    "Hennessy loves his Bailey's treats!"

  • Luca

    "We give Luca Bailey's CBD oil daily on his food for overall health and wellness."

  • Scrappy

    "Scrappy is getting older, and Bailey's CBD treats have been helping with his pain."




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