Welcome to the Bailey's CBD Influencer Program!


Influencer Guidelines

Partners are asked to create and post TikTok videos that include the following:

🏷️ Tag us @baileyscbd and use #baileyscbd in your TikTok caption.

ONLY use your discount code/link in your captions or bio (DON’T use it in the video)

💦 Cover some of the benefits of our product. This is the most important part of your video and you should take time to thoroughly demonstrate each of the benefits you choose:

  • support's homeostasis and promote regular immune function
  • provides additional nutrients that your pet needs
  • helps relieve anxiousness, hyperactivity, aggression, separation anxiety, and sleep support
  • CBD oil helps relieve canine cancer symptoms - nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, appetite, inflammation, pain, and loss of mobility
  • helps promote relaxation, stress relief, and can be used as a sedative
  • could be used for arthritis, osteoporosis, bone conditions, hip & joint function, mobility, and more.

ALWAYS THINK: What is the absolute END GOAL that a customer wants to achieve by using the product and try to make content around it. Like, why do they want to use the product? What is in it for them? Make it VERY clear.

✨ Each of your videos should have different ideas/formats. Each may incorporate music, unboxing, challenges, reactions, demonstrations, reviews, etc. Be creative!

🎤 At least one of your videos should be spoken, where you verbally explain the benefits of our product. This is best done through the form of an authentic review or unboxing video.

📅 Videos should be posted every 2-3 days, not all at once!

📦 The product itself is the main focus of the video.

📌 If the @baileyscbd TikTok account comments on your video, please pin and like the comment.

💸 We love extended brand deals! If you make fantastic content or your videos perform well, we'll keep the $$$ coming!

❤️ Overall, you know your audience best, and the video should portray your authentic self to appeal and grab the attention of your followers. We are greatly inclined to work with influencers in continued paid brand deals who's videos are unique, creative, and/or generate a substantial amount of engagement.

We're excited to work with you!

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