(CBD Works) Gel Capsules

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(CBD Works) Gel Capsules

$29.99 You Save: $-29.99 (100%)
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Veterinarian Formulated CBD
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Made In The USA
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CBD Works Gel Capsules

Available in 3 Options:
  • 200mg Capsules (8mg per Capsule): 25 capsules per container.
  • 500mg Capsules (25mg per Capsule): 20 capsules per container. 
  • 1000mg Capsules (25mg per Capsule): 40 capsules per container.
Ingredients : Gelatin capsules with grape seed oil and hemp extract with naturally occurring CBD isolate.

What Are CBD Edibles? Understanding the Basics

CBD edibles, unlike cannabis products containing THC, are legal in all 50 states, and do not have any psychoactive effects. They are also sometimes called “hemp edibles” because they're primarily derived from hemp.   CBD edibles provide a simple, fast, and effective way to consume CBD and enjoy its effects. Ingesting CBD gel capsules is convenient and easy.

How Fast Can CBD Edibles Work? 

Different methods of consuming CBD work at different speeds. Smoking or vaping offers the fastest uptake of about 30 seconds. Tinctures and oils usually take 15-30 minutes, while edibles and ingestibles take 30 minutes or longer. Edibles take longer since your body has to digest them, so they’re a good option if you want to enjoy the effects of CBD and don’t need a quick uptake time. 
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