Benefits of Coconut Oil For Dog's Skin

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Benefits of Coconut Oil For Dog's Skin

Benefits of Coconut Oil For Dog's Skin

The use of coconut oil has been documented for a wide range of benefits such as cooking, deodorant ingredient, homemade toothpaste, health supplements, and skin and hair moisturizer. Not just in humans, the usefulness of coconut oil has been recorded in pets such as dogs as well.

Coconut oil for dog’s skin can work in conjunction with hemp derived CBD as well, which makes them effective in treating allergies and other forms of skin and health conditions experienced by pets.

The use of coconut oil for dog’s skin is deeply rooted in its ability to limit the growth and proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi. Coconut oils are usually administered orally or included in the dog’s diet for more effective results.

Coconut oil is rich in essential fatty acids and nutrients which make them an invaluable addition to your dog’s diet, and the incorporation of CBD enhances the action of the fatty acids in bringing about a more potent health supplement for improved pet health.

You can read our article on How CBD Can Assist Pets With Allergies” for more detailed information on the benefits of using CBD for your Dog’s allergies. As you will see, there are mutual benefits between hemp oil and coconut oil that are effective for pets. 

Why you need coconut oil for Dog’s Skin

Coconut oil is composed of 90% saturated fats. About 64% of these fats belong to the Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFAs) group.

The MCFA is a group of fatty acids consisting of lauric, caprylic, palmitic and myristic acids. The health benefit of coconut oil for dog’s skin is attributed to the presence of the lauric acid which is highly antimicrobial.

Once ingested orally, the coconut oil is also metabolized as a source of energy thus making your dog energetic and active. It also helps with balancing the thyroid, thus assisting overweight dogs to lose weight.

Data gathered from the Coconut Research Center reveals that coconut oil tends to increase the rate of metabolism in dogs, provide them with higher levels of energy and helps makes their skin glow.

It also improves the dog’s response to disease conditions and enhances the healing process; it also triggers the formation of improved and glowing coats, improved digestion and a reduction in allergic reactions.

The importance of coconut oil for Dogs skin

  • When applied topically or ingested orally, it can promote the healing of hot spots, stings, bites, cuts, and wounds.

  • It also helps to prevent the occurrence of dry skin and hair in dogs.

  • The use of Coconut oil for dogs can help clear up skin conditions and allergies in dogs.

  • It enhances the production of sleek and glossy coats and helps your dog to get rid of the common doggy odor.

  • Serves as an antimicrobial agent and boosts the body’s immunity against fungal and yeast infections including Candida.

  • Improves overall skin health and protects against allergies.

Bailey’s CBD Oil For Dogs is specially formulated for canines and contains only organic hemp oil and coconut oil; no additives, no preservatives. The holistic benefits of both hemp oil and coconut oil are a combination that your pet may very well benefit from. You can read more about benefits others have seen on our “Testimonials” page as well.

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