CBD for Cats With Seizures: The Ultimate Guide

CBD for Cats With Seizures: The Ultimate Guide
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As a cat owner, seeing your feline companion in constant discomfort because of chronic seizures is upsetting. The thought of your cat suffering these pains for the rest of its life is even more distressing.

Although there is no end-all cure for seizures, cannabidiol, or CBD, can provide relief for your cat. CBD is a dependable remedy that can help ease uncomfortable symptoms for cats with seizures.

CBD can even help support normal electrical brain activity in your cat, which can help control seizures. Your cat's ability to live a healthy and happy life is crucial to your goal as a cat owner, and CBD can help your cat achieve exactly that.

Read ahead to understand what CBD is, and how it can provide relief for your cat.

can cbd help cats with seizures

1. What Is CBD, and Will It Get My Cat High?

You've probably heard of CBD's counterpart, THC, which is notorious for its psychoactive effects. However, CBD has no psychoactive effect on cats whatsoever.

CBD and THC come from the same plant species, but THC oil comes from marijuana while CBD oil comes from hemp. Hemp is nearly devoid of any THC content, making CBD oil a non-psychoactive substance.

Since hemp cannot alter brain functioning at all, CBD cannot get your cat high. While THC is often used for recreational use, CBD is used solely for therapeutic use.

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2. How Does CBD Work?

CBD affects nearly all animals the same way. That's because humans, dogs, cats, and many other animals possess the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This biological function is crucial for CBD to induce its therapeutic properties into the user.

Regardless of species, CBD affects all animals' ECS in essentially the same way. Just as humans have found success with CBD usage, CBD has been documented to aid dogs, cats, and various other animals with the harshest of symptoms. Users of CBD have reported intense relief from uncomfortable symptoms caused by medical conditions such as epilepsy and other chronic pain syndromes.

Cats suffering from seizures can benefit hugely from CBD, just as other species have. CBD can relieve chronic pain that cats suffer due to seizures and help them live normally.

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3. How Can CBD Help My Cat With Seizures?

There is no way to fully cure your cat’s seizures. But CBD can alleviate its symptoms and potentially affect how often your cat experiences seizures.

Clinical trials suggest that CBD can result in a reduced frequency of seizures. Specifically, the "percentage of people who became seizure-free was 5% with CBD and 0% with placebo."

Although this trial involved human participants, CBD has been suggested to also "normalize brain rhythms" in cats which can potentially reduce the regularity of seizures. Again, your cat’s seizures would not be cured, but regular CBD use can aid them from transpiring.

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4. What Are CBD's Possible Side Effects?

As mentioned before, CBD is safe for cats to consume. It contains none of the toxic properties that THC possesses, and is generally non-addictive and non-life-threatening.

Despite this, administering CBD to your cat improperly can produce adverse side effects. Negative side effects are often the result of a dosage that is too high. Side effects include but are not limited to fatigue, diarrhea, headaches, etc.

These side effects are typically mild and can be managed by lowering the dosage. Lower the dosage until you figure out the amount that your cat can comfortably ingest daily.

what are the best cbd products for cats?

5. What Are the Best CBD Products for Cats?

CBD is easy to administer because it doesn't have a naturally strong odor and can be easily incorporated into your cat’s nutrition. Even the pickiest cats can get used to CBD.

The most common CBD product to use is CBD oil, packaged in dropper bottles. This product can be sprinkled onto your cat’s food or even directly in their mouths.

There are many different types of CBD products, and various ways to apply them. CBD oils are just the easiest ways to entice any animal — but especially cats, being the notoriously finicky species they are.

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6. How Do You Administer CBD?

Your cat’s first impression of CBD will strongly influence its willingness to consume it. When introducing CBD to your cat, remain calm and unstressed. Your pet can sense your emotions, and they will be anxious about taking CBD if you are anxious about administering it.

You can feed CBD oil to your cat directly, squeezing drops directly into your cat’s mouth from the dropper. Even sprinkling the product into an empty dish will work, as long as they lap up the product. Alternatively, you can add CBD to their meals and their treats.

If you need to tempt a particularly picky feline, you could drop some fish oil or tuna into a dish and add CBD oil. They will barely be able to resist the temptation of a fishy treat, and will also make a positive correlation between CBD and a tasty snack.

Drop some oil onto their paws if all else fails. They’ll groom and lick the oil off their paws.

CBD products will usually contain dosage instructions on their packaging, but you could start with an even lower dosage. If you're unsure about what dosage to start with, we wrote precise instructions on how to give your cats CBD oil. Not only will this prevent overdosing, but will also prevent wasting product if they initially reject it.

Finally, buy high-quality, lab-tested CBD oil for cats with seizures. Premium CBD products will diminish the risk of negative side effects in your cat and will secure your pet’s chances of experiencing optimal results.

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7. Where Can I Purchase High-Quality CBD Products?

CBD is an accessible remedy that effectively supports cats with seizures. You don't need to wait for a prescription sign-off since they are natural, non-toxic remedies.

Bailey's CBD has a plethora of high-quality, lab-tested, veterinarian-formulated CBD products. We also have CBD oil for cats. Getting your hands on CBD is as easy as a few clicks!

Of course, you can go ahead and browse the rest of our site, where you can read more about CBD's benefits of our CBD products and how they have helped countless other animals.

** These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. **


Dear Marianne,

Thank you for reaching out and trusting us with your concerns about your cat’s seizures. It’s important to approach CBD usage with care, especially in cats with health conditions like seizures.

The dosage of CBD can vary depending on the cat’s size, age, and specific health needs. A general guideline for cats is to start with a low dose, such as 1-2 mg of CBD per 10 pounds of body weight, administered once or twice daily. However, it’s crucial to consult with your veterinarian before starting CBD, as they can provide personalized advice and ensure it’s safe for your cat’s specific condition.

As for administering CBD oil, you can place the recommended dose directly into your cat’s mouth using the dropper, or mix it into her food if she’s more comfortable with that. If you’re using it directly in her mouth, gently open her mouth and apply the oil onto her lower gums for quicker absorption.

Remember, start with a small dose and closely observe your cat’s response. If you don’t see any adverse reactions, you can gradually increase the dosage if necessary, but always under veterinary guidance.

We’re here to support you and your cat, and we hope the CBD brings her some relief. If you have any more questions or need further assistance, please feel free to reach out.

Warm regards,

Aaron Argueta
Bailey’s CBD

— Aaron argueta (store owner),

Hi can you tell me how much CBD to put in my cat’s mouth? She just had a seizure and she had one a month ago and I’m finally going to put the CBD oil in her on her. Don’t know how to administer. Thank you very much

— Marianne osiel,

In response to Mike’s comment:

Thank you for reaching out with your concern about your cat’s seizures. Seizures in pets can be distressing, and it’s natural to seek effective ways to support their health.

CBD has been recognized for its potential to help manage various health issues in pets, including seizures. However, it’s important to understand that every pet is different, and what works for one may not work for another. CBD might offer some support, but it’s crucial to approach this as part of a broader treatment plan.

I strongly recommend consulting with your veterinarian before starting any new supplement, especially for a condition as serious as seizures. Your vet can provide guidance on the best course of action and help you determine if CBD could be a beneficial addition to your cat’s treatment regimen.

If you’re interested in exploring CBD options, Bailey’s CBD offers products specifically formulated for pets, including cats. You can learn more about our products on our website. Remember, the safety and well-being of your cat should always be the top priority.

Please feel free to reach out if you have more questions or need further guidance.

— Aaron argueta (store owner),

My cat had seizures will this help

— Mike r bryer,

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