Is Hemp Oil Good For Dogs?

Is Hemp Oil Good For Dogs?
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Hemp oil for dogs and CBD for pets has become so popular, you may wonder: is hemp oil good for dogs? Does it even help my pet? How does CBD for dogs work?

Let’s break down how and why hemp oil is good for dogs.

1. What is Full Spectrum Hemp Oil for Dogs?

Full spectrum hemp oil for dogs means the dog CBD oil contains all of the cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and other compounds found in hemp. These include cannabinoids like CBD & CBG, flavonoids, terpenes, and countless plant compounds that contribute to the overall effects of hemp for dogs. These hemp compounds work together in synergy, which means they enhance and boost each individual effect. This is known as the Entourage Effect.

2. Is CBD Safe for Dogs?

Yes, CBD is safe for pets. Full spectrum hemp oil is natural, interacting with our dog’s endocannabinoid system (ECS).

3. What is the ECS?

The ECS regulates our dog’s homeostasis and vital physiological functions. This includes sleep, mood, metabolism, pain, inflammation, stress, cognition, joint & organ function, and much more.

The ECS creates its own endo-cannabinoids to help balance the body and homeostasis. These endo-cannabinoids interact with various receptors throughout the body that are found in the nervous system, immune system, stomach, spine, brain, major organs, and many more parts of the body. They relay vital messages and support the proper function of countless internal systems.

When the ECS is out of balance or their body isn’t making enough cannabinoids, it can’t properly protect itself from harm, support immune function, and communicate important messages between bodily systems. This causes illness, inflammation, and other conditions harmful to our pup’s health.

4. What Does CBD Oil Do For Dogs?

Phyto-cannabinoids are cannabinoids found in plants. They act similarly to endo-cannabionids and interact with the same receptors throughout the body. So when our dog’s ECS is out of whack, they’re endo-cannabinoid deficient, or they need homeostasis support, parents use hemp for dogs to help.

Hemp contains phyto-cannabinoids, such as CBD, CBG, and CBN. Many use CBD and other cannabinoids as needed for pain, stress, anxiety, insomnia, disruptive symptoms, and chronic conditions in dogs.

Many also use dog CBD and hemp oil for dogs daily for proactive wellness. CBD can help treat conditions, but many use it to help stop symptoms before they start. Proactive wellness with CBD for dogs means preventing future health conditions and supporting overall well-being through consistent use.

5. CBD Benefits for Dogs

Hemp oil is good for dogs’ overall well-being due to its ability to support homeostasis. It’s also known to help support treatment for many painful symptoms or health conditions!

Some researched CBD benefits for dogs and pets include but are not limited to:

6. What To Look For In Hemp Oil For Dogs

When properly sourced and made, hemp oil for dogs can be incredibly beneficial and healing. To make sure your hemp oil is good for dogs, ensure the overall quality by looking at the ingredients, lab tests, hemp source, and manufacturing process.

Hemp Source, Extraction, & Manufacturing

Where and how the hemp is grown determines the overall quality of hemp for dogs. Organic hand-harvested hemp yields high quality CBD products for pets.

It’s important for hemp extract to be grown carefully and without pesticides or other additives that leave harmful traces in the final product. Hand harvesting the hemp preserves quality, potency, flavor, and clean testing lab results.

Although the quality of the hemp oil for dogs is important, it’s not as effective if additional, harmful ingredients have been added to a pet CBD product. High quality hemp extract works best when paired with high quality ingredients.

Third party lab testing CBD for dogs

Lab test results ensure the pet CBD has the advertised potency, compounds, and CBD mg amount. It also ensures it doesn’t contain heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, or other harmful additives.

Full spectrum hemp vs CBD

One thing to consider is if you want full spectrum hemp oil for dogs or pure CBD oil for dogs. As mentioned earlier, full spectrum hemp oil has all of the hemp plant compounds that work together to maximize each other’s effects.

CBD oil contains CBD only, which is ideal for pets who are sensitive to other cannabinoids or seeking high doses of CBD.

Hemp Oil vs Hemp Seed Oil for Dogs

Make sure your dog CBD oil is not just hemp seed oil. While hemp seed oil for dogs has health benefits and can be great to mix with hemp extract, many pet stores advertise CBD products for pets that don’t actually have CBD in them, only hemp seed oil at best.

Hemp seed oil does not contain the whole plant effects of full spectrum hemp.

Additional Ingredients

Some pet CBD products have added ingredients, especially CBD dog treats or food. Many large pet stores sell hemp dog chews and food with inflammatory ingredients, which worsens chronic conditions and can cause more problems.

Always look at any additional ingredients found in CBD products for pets. Other ingredients should be of equal, high quality.

7. Is CBD Oil for Dogs Safe for Humans?

Probably depending on the ingredients, although you may not enjoy the beef or chicken flavors that make your pup drool.

There’s plenty of CBD for humans out there, and CBD for dogs is often intentionally calibrated for their body, which is smaller than ours and may not need as much depending on the reason for taking CBD.

We recommend trying our dog and human CBD bundles, so you can both get what you need!

8. Bailey's CBD for Dogs

Bailey’s CBD is committed to making the highest quality, best CBD for pets. From the growing to manufacturing process, our hemp for pets is handled with the utmost care and knowledge. Bailey’s pet CBD products are all natural, contain no additives or preservatives, and made with organically-grown hemp that is hand harvested and hang dried.

9. USDA Organic Hemp for Dogs

Our subcritical C02 full spectrum hemp extract is single-sourced from our USDA organic small family farm partner Moon Mother Hemp Co. in Boulder, CO. They’re known for growing medicinal grade hemp instead of the less therapeutic industrial variety

10. MCT and Hemp Oil for Dogs

Bailey’s single-sourced hemp extract is combined with fractionated coconut oil (MCT oil) - one of the most effective mixing agents for CBD hemp extract for pets. Medium chain triglyceride (MCT) fatty acids contain healthy saturated fats, and coconut oil has many benefits for dogs. These include helping coat health, itchy skin, allergies, digestion, immune function, and flea & tick prevention. Simply place hemp oil for dogs on a paw to be licked off, in food or treats, or directly in the mouth.

11. CBD Dosage for Dogs

Bailey’s CBD oil for dogs comes in multiple strengths. Our dog CBD oil is calibrated at 10mg/ml for our regular strength oil and 30mg/ml for our extra strength 2:1 CBD:CBG oil. Our pet CBD products are all veterinarian-formulated by Dr. Silver and come with his guide for dosing and suggested use.

12. Bailey's CBD for Pets Lab Testing

Offering CBD dog chews, hemp oil for dogs, CBD oil for cats, hemp pellets, CBD pet shampoo, and a dog CBD balm, Bailey’s CBD for pets products are all third party lab tested. Each product has a lot number and QR code for certificate of analysis results for easy, transparent access.

We work tirelessly to make sure your dog is as happy and healthy as possible! We care about making hemp for dogs that is pure, effective, medicinal, and delicious.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This article is not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any condition. Please consult a licensed veterinarian before giving your pet supplements or starting new routines.

Jay O'Keefe III

Founder | CEO

Instagram: @jay_okeefe

For five years, Jay worked at a hemp extraction lab in North San Diego. One day he decided to formulate a hemp oil tincture for pets, and the feedback was overwhelming. In October 2017, Bailey’s was incorporated with the adorable face of Jay’s pug Bailey as the logo.

Dr. Robert J. Silver DVM

Chief Veterinarian

Dr. Silver’s integrative and holistic practice in Boulder, Colorado, during the legalization of medical and adult-use cannabis in Colorado gave him a first-hand understanding of how this herb works in animals.

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