Cali Vets Can Now Discuss and Recommend Cannabinoid Products for Pets

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Overview of AB1885

1. AB1885: At a Glance

Many pet owners are relying on Google and online forums to learn how to care for sick or ailing pets when they should be deferring to a vet for the proper cannabis dosing. AB1885 has now made it possible for veterinarians to legally guide pet owners in California, walking them through the dosing process. They're also ensuring the safe regulation of cannabis for animals.

Assembly Bill 1885 serves as a vehicle for veterinarians and pet owners to work in tandem, finding the most effective cannabis-related treatment for pets.

Although previous laws allow veterinarians to discuss cannabis products for pets, they weren’t permitted to recommend it to any of their pet patients. Thankfully, AB1885 allows these veterinarians to provide crucial information so pet owners can make safe decisions for their animals.

Cornell's CBD study for dogs

2. Cornell's Clinical Study on CBD for Dogs

Cornell conducted a study on the effects of CBD on dogs. Since CBD oil is approved and available in the majority of states, this study was a necessity for pet owners considering the use of CBD oil.

Cornell's study covered a wide range of topics, including medical issues CBD may be helpful with treating. The study also covered what to look for when selecting a CBD product. For example, consider if the hemp was organically grown, how the CBD was extracted, and if the product in question was evaluated by a third-party company.

The study also examined how CBD products assisted with various medical issues.

CBD treatment for pet medical issues

3. Treatment for Medical Issues

Although some advertising suggests that CBD can help a host of issues in animals, clinical studies have shown that CBD is helpful only in certain areas. Since CBD oil isn't FDA approved or regulated, there's a disparity between the quality of CBD oil available for purchase, as it depends on the distributor.

There's currently no established standard dosing for CBD oil when administered to animals. Since the vast majority of CBD products don't have any type of standards attached to them, it's difficult to know how much active ingredient is in each batch of cannabinoid product.

According to Cornell, there was a study that evaluated 29 different CBD products. This study showed that four of the products had heavy metal contamination.

Shockingly, two of the products didn't even contain cannabinoids. Ten of the remaining cannabinoid products had a 10% total cannabinoid concentration level of that which was claimed on the label.

This is why you need to purchase cannabinoid products for pets from a reputable distributor.

Concerns about pet CBD

4. CBD Concerns

According to the same study by Cornell, it's been shown that CBD can affect liver enzymes in animals. If you use CBD and other drugs in tandem, you run the risk of an interaction in how the medications perform. As such, always check with your veterinarian before giving your pet any type of CBD treats.

It was also reported that an increase in appetite and sedation were among the most common side effects noted by pet owners.

Research on pet CBD

5. CBD Research

Cornell concluded that hemp products may have their place when treating osteoarthritis, seizures, and atopic dermatitis.

In one particular study, it was shown that 80% of dogs experiencing osteoarthritis had decreased pain levels after being given CBD. These dogs were more active and comfortable.

There has also been an ongoing study at Colorado State University that continuously tracks how CBD works to control canine epilepsy when added to other seizure medications. Research has been successful and shows a positive correlation when CBD is used in conjunction with other seizure medications.

CannPal, an Australian company specializing in animal therapeutics, tested the efficacy of CBD products for canine atopy. Atopy is a dermatological allergy that leads to painful chewing and itching.

Throughout this trial, dogs were given either a placebo or a CBD product for four weeks. Every result was encouraging —the dogs who received CBD (65%) had at least a 50% reduction in chewing and itching, with half of these dogs recovering from every sign of itchiness throughout their treatment.

CBD for pet anxiety

6. CBD Products for Anxiety

According to Cornell's study, a group of dogs was given CBD chews before the onset of stressful situations.

Out of this group, 84% showed a decrease in any anxiety-related or stress-related behaviors. More research regarding anxiety is required to fully understand the efficacy of CBD oil for anxiety in dogs.

Best CBD products for pets

7. Best CBD Products for Pets

You may be wondering about which CBD products are the best for your pet. Should you get CBD dog treats, CBD oil meal toppers, or perhaps CBD topicals for your beloved canine? Here is a comprehensive breakdown of what Bailey's has to offer.

CBD oil for dogs

8. CBD Oil For Dogs

If you're looking for CBD oil for dogs, you can purchase it in three different sizes. Sizes include 15mL, 30mL, and 60mL bottles, each calibrated with 10mg CBD/mL and 0.5mg per droplet.

Every bottle comes with Dr. Silver's comprehensive weight-based dosage guide to make administering your pet's CBD oil as easy as possible.

Extra strength CBD and CBG oil for dogs

9. Extra Strength 2:1 CBD and CBG Oil For Dogs

Extra Strength 2:1 CBD & CBG oil for dogs comes in two different size options: 900mg and 1,800mg. Dosing comes as 30mg cannabinoids per mL and 1.5mg cannabinoids per droplet. Extra Strength CBD & CBG oil also comes with a dosage guide for ease of use.

CBD oil for cats

10. CBD Oil For Cats

CBD oil for cats comes in a convenient 100mg bottle and comes with a dosing guide. This product is specially formulated for feline use. As with all Bailey's products, CBD oil for cats is non-toxic and works to support a happy, healthy lifestyle for your pet.

CBD oil for horses

11. CBD Oil For Horses

CBD oil is also available for horses and comes in a 25mg per dropper mL for horses, as recommended by a veterinarian. Every bottle of horse CBD oil comes with a tiered suggested use guide with a detailed explanation of how to properly use the product, as provided by Dr. Robert J Silver, DVM.

All CBD oil horse tinctures are rich in phytocannabinoid hemp. It's non-GMO and single-sourced in Boulder, Colorado, from a small family farm.

CBD treats for dogs

12. CBD Dog Treats

CBD dog treats may assist with an array of health issues, including hip and joint health, general wellness, and calming anxiety. If you're looking to see how your dog will do with these treats or which works best, you can sample them in 5-count trial sizes.

Each type of CBD dog treat is soy-free, grain-free, never baked, and cold-pressed. This full spectrum subcritical Co2 hemp extract profile is filled with minor cannabinoids and terpenes.

CBD dog chews pantry kits

13. CBD Dog Chews Pantry Kits

CBD Dog Chews Pantry Kits are great for pet owners looking to stock up and save big.

No matter what Pantry Kit you purchase, you'll receive 24 5-count "on the go" packs of Omega Hemp CBD Soft Chews, for a total of 12 chews per kit.

These chews are ideal for pets of any age, as this longevity chew is aimed at promoting calmness and longevity. They're an ideal type of preventative maintenance for your pet and can be administered twice a day (or as needed) to help calm your pet.

If you purchase the Balanced Omega's and CBD, you'll find that each chew contains a hearty blend of Omega-3, Omega-6, and Omega-9. The chews also contain CBD to help support your pet's regulatory function. This aids them in feeling complete and comfortable.

CBD topicals for pets

14. CBD Topicals for Pets

There are a couple of different types of CBD topicals you can use on your pets, including Paw & Nose Balm and CBD Pet Shampoo. You can also purchase a bundle pack so you're never without your favorite CBD product.

Since Bailey's CBD is crafted from certified organic plants, they are non-toxic to pets. They are also independently tested by a fully licensed third-party facility and contain less than 0.3% trace amounts of THC.

Topical CBD products are great for a host of conditions. They can aid in indigestion via your pet's cannabis receptors located on their skin's surface.

Unfortunately, topicals don't treat anxiety. Topicals are designed to promote calmness and ease discomfort. CBD oil would be the best route to take when looking to help your pet combat anxiety.

Applying CBD topicals to pets

15. Applying Topicals

When applying topicals, always apply them directly onto your pet's skin. You can apply topicals periodically throughout the day.

When regularly applied, CBD topicals can assist your pet with an inflammatory response while working to maintain moisture in their skin.

All you need to do is massage the CBD topicals onto your dog's joints (for any type of occasional discomfort they might be experiencing) or onto their paws if you're looking to protect their pads from particularly hot surfaces.

Hemp pellets for horses and livestock

16. Hemp Pellets For Horses and Livestock

CBD Pellets for Horses come in convenient one and five-pound bags. When you purchase hemp CBD pellets from Bailey's, you're receiving a quality medicinal hemp product that is pressed from a small batch.

Unfortunately, a majority of farms throw away this material since they don't understand how to create anything of value from it. Bailey's knows how to turn these materials into high-quality, sustainable hemp pellets.

Expectations from pet CBD use

17. What You Can Expect

Bailey's CBD pellets are among the best therapeutic products available and offer 83mg of CBD per scoop, along with full-spectrum minor cannabinoids. Together, these items promote overall wellness for your horse, along with a sense of calm.

These horse pellets also contain 20% plant protein and 30% insoluble fiber. They're comprised of 50% complex carbohydrates, and these pellets are made from a sterilized hemp meal that's sieved and blended to ensure consistency, efficacy, and safety.

There is also an FDA-approved food-grade mold inhibitor added to provide these pellets with an extended shelf life.

Every one-pound bag contact 30 scoops, and every five-pound bag contains 150 scoops.

The total aerobic count for these horse pellets is < 2,000 CFU/G. The is <1000 CFU/G total yeast and mold, and these pellets are negative for E. Coli and Salmonella.

Helping pets with CBD

18. How Can you Help?

As AB1885 paves the way for veterinarians to better assist pet owners, you'll need to invest in the best cannabinoid products for pets. Bailey's offers a comprehensive line of CBD Oil for pets and, with the help of AB1885, you can now speak to your veterinarian about proper dosing and recommendations.

Now, more than ever, we need your assistance in sharing this post with your staff and colleagues so we can continue to work towards positive strides in the veterinarian community. Please forward it or share it on your social media page to help raise awareness about the impact of Assembly Bill 1885.

Choosing the best cannabinoid products for pets

19. Choose The Best Cannabinoid Products for Pets

When shopping for the best cannabinoid products for pets, consider what issues they're experiencing. Topical CBD products are best for an inflammatory response and CBD oil is ideal for anxiety and stress management.

Bailey's is a small family-owned and operated business. We're reliant on the community around us to inform veterinarians in California about AB1885 and its far-reaching impact. You can check out our Free Pet Guide Ebook to learn more about CBD oil for your pet.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This article is not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any condition. Please consult a licensed veterinarian before giving your pet supplements or starting new routines.

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