5 Benefits of CBD Oil for Cats

5 Benefits of CBD oil for Cats
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CBD has been the talk of the health world. From humans to pets, there is more and more research suggesting its positive effects.

Humans have been using CBD for a while now, but what about your furry feline friend? CBD oil for cats can be a great and natural resource that is the purrfect solution for your kitty. 

Want to learn more? Then keep on reading. Let's discuss the five benefits of CBD oil for cats right meow

how cbd works in cats

1. How CBD Works in Cats

For starters, how does the relationship between CBD and cats work? 

Felines and humans can share a lot of similarities; this includes the presents of an endocannabinoid system. That fancy term means that your feline friend can get similar relief using CBD as humans can

In recent studies, the research for CBD has continued to grow. Its use on humans and cats alike seem promising, and we are going to dive into these benefits. 

can cbd help cats with anxiety?

2. Anxiety Relief

If your kitty is feeling extra jittery, then CBD may be an excellent option to help soothe your furry friend. 

Cats can get anxious for varying reasons, such as a change in their environment, poor relationships with other cats, or lack of human contact. Though a one-off stressful day may wane, prolonged stressed can leave your cat with long-term health issues, such as behavioral problems, lack of appetite, and poor grooming

This is where CBD comes to the rescue! CBD works by balancing your kitty's emotional response to everyday stressors. Additionally, CBD can assist in balancing your cat's overall mood for a more extended period. 

CBD brings relive by regulating cortisone or the stress hormone in the brain. Though studies have been conducted on humans, there is a suggestion that it works similarly in cats as well, due to our sharing of endocannabinoids

can cbd help cats with arthritis & joint pain?

3. CBD Can Aid in Arthritis and Joint Pain 

If your precious cat is reaching an older age, sometimes more frequent joint pain can occur, and in some cases, arthritis

Luckily for your kitty, CBD can bring relief. 

CBD is an anti-inflammatory, which is beneficial to cats suffering from joint pain or arthritis. Once again, CBD can work with your cat's brain receptors to help diminish pain. 

can cbd help cats with aggression issues?

4. Calm Down, Tiger! CBD Can Help Ease Aggression in Your Cat

Is your furry friend serving you serious cattitude?

Cat scratches are no joke, and if your sweet kitty has turned into a wildcat, it's time to look at some severe options for relief. 

CBD may be able to calm down your kitty's aggressive behavior. As previously mentioned, CBD assists in helping your kitty's mood, and this goes back to hyper-aggressive action. 

CBD is an overall mood-stabilizer, so your kitty can go from Grumpy Cat to Cool Cat. Additionally, CBD can help balance out any hormones that lead to your kitty acting more aggressively.  

can cbd help cats appetite?

5. Help Your Kitty Fancy Feast

If your cat is eyeballing their food bowl but not digging in, there may be some underlying issues. 

Loss of appetite in cats can be attributed to a variety of situations, such as chronic pain and mood issues. If your kitty isn't feasting like it used to, it's most likely because it is not feeling its best

CBD can swoop in and help, however. CBD can stabilize appetite by providing reliefs to those mentioned factors, such as chronic pain and mood issues. CBD as a whole has been used to help stimulate appetites and can assist in helping your cat get back to fancy feasting. 

can cbd assist in treating seizures?

6. CBD Can Assist in Treating Seizures

One of the most prominent studies around CBD includes its use in treating epilepsy. 

In January 2020, the FDA-approved the CBD-based medication Epidiolex, paving the way for future medicines and studies. 

Seizures occur in both humans and cats, mostly due to brain injuries or other brain conditions. CBD works by decreasing the electrochemical activity in the brain that leads to seizures. 

As far as feline research, there is more to come. But by analyzing the results in human studies, there will likely be more conclusive and positive results showing a decrease in cat seizures. 

the best cbd oil for cats

7. Finding The Best CBD Product for Your Cat

Now that you know these five cattastic benefits of CBD for your feline friend, let's get into the different products available for your furry bundle of joy. These products range from oils, soft chews, and more. 

If you want a full-spectrum, high-quality CBD oil for cats, we offer excellent options that are vet-approved and effective. 

Our CBD oil is farm-sourced and hemp-derived, so you know what you are getting. 

CBD is also excellent as a topical treatment, and if your kitty needs some relief from a rash or skin irritation, then this balm can assist in soothing your cat's skin. 

how much cbd should I give to my cat?

8. Understanding Dosage

If you are ready to add CBD into your kitty's health regime, then understanding the dosage can be extremely beneficial. 

Make sure to pay attention to the label of your CBD product; that way, you know exactly what you are giving your furry friend. 

Also, before you make a trip to the vet to determine your cat's needs, researching the best CBD options for you may be the best way to give your cat the natural medicine it needs. 

cbd oil for cats

9. CBD Oil for Cats

All in all, from the various benefits mentioned and the studies that continue to bring more information, CBD oil for cats is an excellent natural resource to help your feline feel fun. 

From improving moods, managing pain, easing anxiety, and more, CBD oil for cats can be a real game-changer in your kitty's health. 

Your cat is more than a pet; they are family. It's time to stop putting the CBD use on paws and implement this incredible plant in your life. 

Want to learn more about the highest quality CBD for your cat? Then check out our shop for more information. We offer the best CBD for all sorts of pets, so you have peace of mind that your furry friend will have the best CBD treatment. 

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