5 Benefits of CBD oil for Dogs

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Dogs are man's best friends, and we want to make sure that their health is a priority.

CBD, a natural cannabinoid, is an excellent resource for helping manage some less than optimal symptoms of your furry friend.

Though the research is new, there is more suggestion that shows that CBD is a promising treatment for various issues, such as anxiety, joint pain, and even skin allergies.

Ready to learn more? Keep on reading to learn the five benefits of CBD oil for dogs.

1. Itchy Skin or Allergies? CBD Can Soothe Your Pup

Dogs are adventurers, and sometimes, that can lead them to get into less than ideal places. Or, if they stay indoors, they can experience an allergic reaction to something in the home.

No matter the case, you want your pup to have healthy skin. In a 2012 study, CBD was used to decrease skin itchiness with some positive results. CBD may be the key to scratching that itch, instead of your dog using its paws.

This is due to CBD being an anti-inflammatory, which is due to CBD's way of working with the neurotransmitters in our bodies, reducing inflammation in our bodies.

And your dog? Well, it turns out people, dogs, and cats all have similar endocannabinoid systems. This means that your dog can have the same reaction to CBD that you do.

This goes for allergies, too. CBD can help strengthen your pup's immunity, further improving your dog against those pesky allergies. This, once again, is due to CBD's anti-inflammatory properties.

2. Wag Anxiety Goodbye

Whether it's a thunderstorm, a move to a new location, or separation issues, your pup may be feeling anxious.

Though stress and anxiety can be a fleeting feeling, prolonged exposure to stress can leave your pup feeling less playful and even lead to a shortened lifespan.

However, CBD is an excellent resource in helping your pup stay peppy. You see, CBD works to help regulate cortisol, the stress hormone present in humans and animals.

Additionally, if you are adopting your pup, and they may be facing more challenges, CBD has also shown promising research in treating post-traumatic stress disorder in humans. This research is promising, as it shows the potential benefit for your furry friend as well.

3. Let Your Pup Run Without Pain: CBD For Joint Issues

Is your dog suffering from chronic pain?

Whether it is due to age or injury, nothing is worse than your furry friend experiencing pain. However, CBD may be an excellent resource in helping treat joint pain.

As previously mentioned, CBD is an anti-inflammatory. This means that if your dog is suffering from joint pain, CBD can be an excellent resource in treating and managing that pain.

CBD works in treating chronic pain by getting to the source and soothing the pain receptors in your dog's body. Additionally, if your dog's muscles are swelling up, CBD can also aid in relieving that as well.

This goes for arthritis as well, as a recent study shows that CBD improves arthritis in dogs. With a CBD treatment, you can help your pup go back to running freely, with their pain managed and, in some cases, relieved.

4. Bone Appetit! CBD Helps Your Dog Eat

Is your dog aimlessly staring at their bowl, or no longer desiring a treat?

Your dog could have a suppressed appetite for various reasons, such as stress or just generally feeling under the weather.

However, if your dog is not eating for a long time, this can be a cause for concern. Similar to how adults get "munchies" from cannabis use, try giving a dose of CBD to your dog.

Your dog will want a full plate, hold the high, of course. Additionally, if your pup is suffering from nausea or vomiting, studies suggest that CBD may be beneficial in putting those icky feelings at bay and treating those symptoms.

5. CBD For Epilepsy Treatment

One of the most common uses for CBD in the medical world includes its prominence in treating epilepsy.

For humans and animals alike, CBD is promising in decreasing the amount of electrochemical activity in our brains that can lead to seizures.

In January 2020, the CBD-based drug Epidiolex was FDA-approved. Since then, more and more studies have come out stating the drug's effectiveness, and CBD's overall efficiency, even in drug-resistant epilepsy and even long-term improvement in patient's usage.

Epidiolex opens the door to more and more CBD studies relating to epilepsy. As an estimated 5% of dogs suffer from epilepsy, it is worth researching to see if your pup can benefit from the use of CBD in their wellness routine.

Additionally, though current epilepsy drugs can help in halting your dog's seizures, there may be undesirable side effects they may face, such as wooziness or mild sedation.

CBD Oil for Dogs: Picking the Best Use for Your Pup

Now that you have read the five benefits of CBD oil for dogs, you may be looking at the benefits and wanting to implement them into your pup's wellness routine.

No matter if your dog is picky, we have excellent treats that your pup will snatch right up. Additionally, we also offer high-quality CBD oil tinctures for your dog that is vet-approved and formulated for your pup in mind.

If you want a more natural method of treating your puptastic best friend, then CBD oil may be the way to go. From the emerging research and various options, you have a wide array of research to back up the health claims.

Of course, every pup is different. However, CBD is natural, plant-based, and in some cases, lacks the harmful ingredients in more intense, prescription drugs. If you want to enter the world of CBD, we are here to help. We offer a wide array of products to ensure that your pup is getting the best.

Want to learn more about our products? Then check out our shop for more information on the highest-quality CBD for your furry friend.

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