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Every year, around 100,000 dogs are diagnosed with Cushing's disease. For most, it appears in dogs over six years old.

If you're a pet owner, then this diagnosis is a very real reality for your dog. However, with the right knowledge and treatment, Cushing's can be a manageable disease.

Want to learn more? In this article, we'll discuss what Cushing's disease is and how CBD for dogs can help.

1. What Is Cushing's Disease?

Cushing's disease is also known as hyperadrenocorticism or hypercortisolism. As the name suggests, this is where your dog's body produces too much cortisol.

This happens because they've developed a tumor in either the pituitary gland (pituitary-dependent Cushing's) or the adrenal glands (adrenal-dependent Cushing's). For the majority of dogs, the tumors will be located in the pituitary gland.

In any case, these tumors cause your dog's body to produce more cortisol than normal. For some, the tumors may turn cancerous if located in the adrenal glands.

Every single dog has the potential of developing this disease. However, if you own a Boston terrier, Yorkshire terrier, labrador retriever, or Australian shepherd, these breeds are more susceptible to Cushing's.

1.1 Symptoms of Cushing's Disease in Dogs

If your pet has Cushing's disease, then they may exhibit some of these symptoms:

  • Excessive thirst
  • Excessive hunger
  • More bathroom accidents
  • Skin infections
  • Slow growth of hair
  • Loss of hair
  • Lethargy
  • Bruising
  • Thinning skin
  • Pot-bellied look
  • More panting than usual

    Do note that many of these symptoms can overlap with other conditions (such as Addison's disease). This is why it's important to book an appointment with their vet as soon as possible so they can properly diagnose your dog.

    The vet can test for serum biochemistry and cell counts. They may also use sinus sampling, but because it's pretty invasive, they may opt-out of this test. At last, they can run a low-dose dexamethasone suppression test, which will pretty much confirm whether or not your dog has Cushing's disease.

    2. Cushing's Disease Treatment in Dogs

    Unfortunately, there is no cure for Cushing's disease, which means your pet will live with this condition for the rest of their life. However, there are medications that are prescribed for Cushing's treatment in dogs. They include:

    • Anipryl
    • Carbex
    • Eldepryl
    • Lysodren
    • Nizoral
    • Selegiline
    • Vetoryl

    All of these medications will help control symptoms so your dog can lead a happy and normal life. It's key that you get your pet regular checkups to ensure the medications are working as intended.

    If the tumors are particularly large, the vet may suggest your pet go through radiation or surgery to shrink or remove them. Surgery may be the best route to go if the tumors are cancerous, as this will prevent the cancer from spreading.

    Do note that if one type of Cushing's is treated, it won't necessarily prevent the other type from developing. So you still have to be vigilant and watch out for any new symptoms.

    3. CBD for Dogs With Cushing's Disease

    If you've been keeping up with the news, then you'll know that CBD oil has become the new craze for humans who have all sorts of ailments. It has the potential to treat things like inflammation and pain.

    What you may not know is there are actually CBD products available for pets as well. Below are some benefits of CBD oil for dogs with this disease.

    3.1 Get Pain Relief

    Cushing's disease isn't known to be a particularly painful condition, which is great. However, one of the symptoms is excess weight, which can put a strain on your pet's joints.

    Of course, you can put your dog on a diet and exercise regimen so they can get back on track for weight. But in the meantime, you can also give them CBD oil to relieve any existing joint pain.

    3.2 Decrease Anxiety

    Cortisol is also known as the "stress hormone." If your dog gets stressed out easily and/or often, then they'll produce more cortisol. Add that on top of the Cushing's disease, and their body will have way too much of this hormone.

    CBD is known to have calming and relaxing effects, especially for anxiety. CBD oil for dogs for Cushing's is great, as it'll help keep cortisol levels as low as possible.

    3.3 Increase Appetite

    It's true that one of the symptoms of Cushing's disease is an increased appetite. However, not every dog gets this, and also, when they're on medications, they may find their appetite is lacking.

    If your pet's been fussier than usual about eating, CBD oil just might do the trick.

    3.4 Help Regulate Hormone Levels

    While there's no research for dogs, a 1993 study in humans showed that CBD is directly linked to the production of cortisol.

    Considering it's a natural substance with practically no harmful side effects, it can always be worth a try to get CBD oil for dogs. Not only can it provide the benefits above, but it may also help regulate your pet's cortisol levels and reduce the resulting symptoms from Cushing's disease.

    4. Keep Your Pet Happy With CBD for Dogs

    As you can see, Cushing's disease can be very manageable, so long as you catch it early and get treatment for your beloved pet.

    In addition, you can keep them happy, healthy, and comfortable with CBD for dogs. These products are made to be tasty and beneficial for your furry friends. They deserve the best in life, so make sure you source high quality CBD oil products from companies such as Bailey's CBD.

    Do you have other pets in the household that you think may benefit from CBD oil? Then take a look at our selection now.


    In response to Lisa’s comment:

    Thank you for your question! Many pet owners find that CBD oil can complement conventional treatments for arthritis. However, since your dog is already on prescribed medications, it’s critical to discuss this with your veterinarian first. They can provide the best guidance considering your pet’s individual health status and medication regimen. While CBD is generally well tolerated, every dog is unique and it’s important to ensure the CBD oil won’t interfere with the effectiveness of the current medications your dog is taking.

    -Aaron Argueta
    Bailey’s CBD For Pets

    — Aaron argueta,

    My dog is on veteroyl and Carprofen for arthritis pain, can she take cbd oil?

    — Lisa,

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