Dog Food Allergies & How To Address It

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Dog Food Allergies & How To Address It

The most common cause of dog food allergies are the ingredients used in some dog food, which includes corn, meat by-products, sugar, and chemical preservatives. These are often responsible for allergic reaction in dogs. Such dogs will experience reactions like flatulence, ear infections, itchy skins, weepy eyes, rashes, excessive bodily licking, and inflammation, etc. Frequent exposure to large amounts of food allergens can lead to long-term chronic diseases, infections, and behavioral problems.

As dog owners, we always want our furry pals to be healthy, happy and live long. There are so many things we can do to achieve this goal. One such thing and the most important of all is the food we feed our pet. Have you ever considered what exactly you are feeding your dog and the long term effect of feeding your dog the wrong food? It could be harmful and in the worst cases, our pets could die at a younger age. What you are putting in your dog dish every day could be killing your pet slowly. The unfortunate part of it is that most dogs eat almost everything put in front of them, and just like humans, they are what they eat.

Dogs can develop allergies to their food; many dogs now suffer from diseases related to a lack of quality nutrition. It will surprise you to know that 40% of all dogs are overweight, 46% of dogs over 10 are diagnosed with cancer, and many more suffer every day from allergies, skin conditions, ear infections, dental problems, and other diseases and conditions. With good food, these conditions can become preventable. Not all dog foods are good. In fact, most dog foods in the market are not safe. The ingredients are distorted and toxic. Unfortunately, the inclusion of these unhealthy ingredients can lead to cancer, obesity, and more.

How to address Dog food allergies

Most dog owners around the world assume that commercial dog foods with an identifiable brand name are the best food for dogs. These dog foods are so popular that a most pet owners find it comfortable to feed their pups. But, they are not aware of the potentially harmful ingredients that go into this food; they keep feeding their dogs food that contains deadly chemicals. It is a slow poison that has killed a large number of dogs around the world. If you want your dog to be healthy, stop feeding them such foods. These foods contain many harmful ingredients that are causing inflammation that is considered harmful to a dog’s long-term health and wellness.

As in other allergies, avoiding allergens - the food ingredient can relieve the symptoms. The dog should be fed with a special diet, mostly natural that contains unique protein sources that he has never eaten before, and therefore should not be allergic to. In general, this limited antigenic diet contains one unique carbohydrate and protein like potatoes and rabbits, or rice and venison, that your dog has never eaten before. By feeding only these unique ingredients, all signs of food allergies should disappear.

Choosing the right food for your dog is very important for their health. Feeding your dogs with natural foods is like having an insurance policy for your furry friend. You secure your dog life. Nowadays, many owners are beginning to realize that their dogs deserve to have natural foods, rather than eating foods full of chemicals that can cause them problems. One great benefits of this are that there are fewer allergies and skin problems to worry about when feeding your dog natural food.

Also, feeding your dog’s natural foods help strengthens their immune system. You give your dog the best possible health when feeding them naturally balance food. They will not only be healthier, but this type of food will also help strengthen their immune system. All the nutrients in the food will help your puppy develop and maintain a healthy immune system, which will save you expensive veterinary bills in the future.

How Bailey's CBD Can Help

In addition to changing to natural food, Bailey CBD products can also help in treating the built-up inflammation caused by toxic dog foods. Starch in the kibble and many dog foods are causing inflammation that can lead to skin allergies. And skin allergies can be treated topically with Bailey's Full Spectrum Hemp Balm and orally with Bailey's CBD Pet Oil or with Bailey's Omega Hemp Soft chews.

Like natural dog food, Bailey's CBD is a natural way to get anti-inflammatory benefits into your dog's diet. It can help dogs suffering from inflammation without causing any side effects. Relieving pain and inflammation is the most common use of CBD for dogs. CBD for dogs with allergies

Bailey’s CBD is safe, reliable, and it’s a non-psychoactive. It will not make your dog “high.” The cannabis compound that causes high effects is THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. The main point is that Billy CBD oil can be a healthy life-changing supplement for your dogs. Nowadays many dog owners and holistic veterinarians are attracted to its various and known health benefits. They are glad to know that there are no side effects when using CBD for dogs with allergies, it is very effective against various kinds of dog food allergy symptoms, pain, including inflammation and nerve pain in dogs. It can also help relieve the effects of arthritis, joint and mobility pain in dogs.

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