Phytocannabinoids For Veteran Dogs

Phytocannabinoids For Veteran Dogs
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This Veterans Day, we salute all of those who have sacrificed and risked their lives for this great country to uphold our freedom and values. But there is also a less talked about group of Veterans that don't get as much recognition this time a year; we're talking about Veteran Dogs. The use of dogs in combat can be traced back to the times of the Ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, to the present where many dogs are still used in combat and military service. 

In recent years, dogs have been increasingly used in military conflicts. Because of their sensitive noses, they have become the best line of defense against improvised explosive devices (I.E.D.'s), as most of these roadside bombs use chemical explosives, unfound by metal detectors, the previous standard in bomb detection. Special forces dogs such as the ones that contributed to the killing of Osama Bin Laden have also become critical operational elements.

Whether the dogs have been used in specialized operations or as traditional guard dogs, they have been subjected to the same traumatic events as any soldier and bear the emotional scars upon returning home from their mission. Unlike humans, they can't speak to what they have witnessed, and so must be treated with special care and intuition to what they have been through.


Veterinarians gauge how the dogs respond to loud noises such as gunfire or whether they react with aggression or fear to their handlers, who they may hold responsible for their introduction to a chaotic situation. The dog veterans may also hold aversions to the settings of the trauma, whether it be a vehicle or type of building. By ascertaining the cause of the trauma, the veterinarians can help desensitize the dog so the events, participants, or locations don't cause unnecessary reaction.

Many dogs also experience human-like long-term reactions such as anxiety and panic attacks. To help reduce this anxiety, we suggest giving your veteran dog Bailey's CBD Tinctures or Bailey's CBD Dog Treats. Anxiety is a case where you can even increase the suggested use as you see fit in order to find what works for your dog. Since Bailey's CBD Tinctures and Bailey's CBD Dog Treats are nonpsychoactive, you don't have to worry about ever giving too much, since what is not absorbed by your dog's endocannabanoid system will be disposed of as a waste product in their urine. 

Bouncing back
The goal with many of these military dogs is to rehabilitate them so they can continue the service for which they've been trained and help save the lives of countless soldiers. Other dogs who are too traumatized may be taken out of service so they don't pose a danger to others or themselves. These dogs are recommended for re-homing with families who can provide the special care they need.

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I’ve used Bailey’s Wellness CBD OIL for my Frisky’s trachea cough and it’s much better than the addicting medication he was on that I couldn’t get during lockdown in the pandemic. I highly recommend this product for many issues a dog may have. Inexpensive and prompt delivery.

— Mary moore,

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