Using CBD For Your Pet's Halloween Anxiety

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Halloween anxiety for our pets is a very real thing. 

Keeping your pets on a daily dose of Bailey’s CBD can help them stay calm and happy during sudden changes to their routine and/or environment.

Halloween, like the 4th of July are the two main holidays where pets anxiety is heightened.

Noise anxiety in dogs can be triggered by several different things on Halloween. Doorbells are going off, strange people are knocking and arriving at odd hours in scary costumes.

All of this can be a traumatic experience for some of our pets.

Here are some things you can do to prepare your pet for a calm evening.

  • Set up a “Safe Zone” -Create an area where your pets feel safe, away from the front door with his/her toys in their bed and something with your scent on it.
  • Use Bailey’s CBD oil / treats - All of our products have different usages for different size animals. We always recommend that you dose twice a day to assure relief for most of the day’s crazy activities, morning and night. Each dose has a half-life of 9 hrs. You can also administer a dose an hr before the Haloween festivities start for extra relief. Remember that our oil is non-toxic and non-intoxicating so there is no fear of over- dosing 
  • Keep the candy outside with a note, “do not ring bell” - remember to also leave a sign that reads “only take one!!” This obviously helps with the sudden influx of strangly dressed visitors and the doorbell noise they bring.
  • Always reward good behavior and never use violence to correct bad behavior. Have a bag of Bailey’s Soft chews on hand, break a few of them up into smaller pieces to give out to your pups when they are being good. Since it is nonpsychotropic and zero-THC, you don't have to worry about giving them an extra treat or two on this occasion. 
  • Which Bailey’s product should you be using? - We have CBD oils specifically designed for CatsDogs, and even Dog CBD Gummies for calming

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