Inflammatory Arthritis In Dogs & Phytocannabanoids From Hemp

Inflammatory Arthritis In Dogs & Phytocannabanoids From Hemp
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Arthritis is a devastating disease that causes joint stiffness and pain. Like humans, dog joints are prone to various different disorders. These include diseases like immune disorders and developmental disorders which include elbow spasms, hip dysplasia, trauma degenerative disorders, and infections. Once the joint is affected, it can cause arthritis. In this article we will talk about arthritis in dogs. Many dogs develop joint diseases to varying degrees at some point in their life, and the resulting arthritis can range from a mild case to a debilitating condition.

Arthritis can affect both humans and dogs. It is a progressive disease where the joints of the body swell. This inflammation can be accompanied by changes in the cartilage of the joint, changes in the fluid joints and can also influence the surrounding bone. There are different kinds of arthritis in dogs. Osteoarthritis is the most familiar form of rheumatoid arthritis. In this case, the joint cartilage gradually deteriorates. Sometimes it is accompanied by remodeling the joints and forming new bones. Other common types of arthritis in dogs are infectious arthritis, immune-mediated arthritis, and idiopathic arthritis.

If your pooch has arthritis, there are treatments that can help your dog feel better. First of all, do not try to give your dog human arthritis medicines. You can mistakenly poison your dog instead of helping the dog. Aspirin is not recommended anymore because it is difficult for dog's stomach and causes cartilage breakdown. There are better and more specialized treatments for arthritic dogs.

There are prescription anti-inflammatory medications that you can get from your veterinarian to help your puppy with arthritis pain. You should watch for side effects, such as liver or stomach problems; so your puppy may need a blood test to check his organs. Steroids can also be administered to treat arthritis in dogs.

Some dog owners favor more natural products to help with the pet’s arthritis. There are herbal remedies like glucosamine chondroitin, which can be recommended by your veterinarian. There is also Bailey's CBD Oil For Dogs, which is derived from the hemp plant and is making a big buzz lately.

Moderate exercise is also useful for arthritic dogs, and there are even dog physiotherapists that you can use to design a program to help your dog deal with the disease. Another thing you can do is make sure your dog stays at an optimal weight standard, because obese dogs are more prone to arthritis. In general, there are many things you can do to help your dog with the discomfort and pain of arthritis. Work with your veterinarian to develop a plan to help your dog live with arthritis.

Common symptoms of dog arthritis

Arthritis is very common in pooches. These days, almost all dogs will eventually suffer from arthritis at some point in their life, and the pain that accompanies it. It is important for dog owners to recognize the disease in their pet so that they can provide the right treatment. The following are some of the symptoms to look for to identify dog arthritis.

  • If the dog demonstrates any sign of difficulty in standing, walking or sitting, then be watchful. If this is unusual for the dog; your pet may be suffering from intense pain, which causes it to deviate from its usual behavior.

  • If you observe that your dog is sleeping more than before, it is also worrisome. Dogs normally are not lazy (for the most part), except when they are affected by some kind of disease.

  • It is also unusual for a healthy dog to be unwilling to climb stairs or jump. These, in particular, are signs of joint and bone weakness.

  • One of the more common symptoms of dog arthritis, is stiffness of the joints and the vertebrae. Your puppy may limp to show the intense pain it is going through. You may also notice an unusual increase in your dog weight. This is certainly not normal and may need urgent attention. When the dog shows a decrease in his normal activities, and does not welcome you as he used to when you return home, it's time to worry.

  • Any of these signs can be a symptom of arthritis in a dog and you should go to a veterinarian and get your dog properly diagnosed. It is best to recognize the symptoms that can be caused by arthritis in the early stages and have them checked out before it get worse. This is because prevention is better than cure.

Dog Arthritis Pain Relief

If you watch your dog closely and discover a change in its behavior and movement or if you observe that your dog has slowed down considerably, you need to gets an immediate medical check-up performed to determine what is wrong with your dog. In extreme cases, your dogs will not be able to walk as well, or at all.

Once your dog has been diagnosed with arthritis, your vet may recommend inflammation and pain relief medications. In some conditions, medications, which have a composition of glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, can also be given to regenerate the cartilage. You can also try the following home remedies listed below:

  • Food: Natural organic food is the best kind of diet that can be given to pooches suffering from arthritis. There should be little or no use of chemical products. These diets are hypoallergenic and will decrease the chances of further swelling. They are rich in nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, and proteins. Make sure to ensure your dog has an ideal weight. Obesity will make the condition worse.

  • Exercise: Exercise is very useful to keep joints and bones active. It increases blood flow to different organs and maintains your dog's fitness. Arthritis forces the pooch to become inactive so exercising becomes essential.

  • Herbs: Try using Bailey's CBD Oil to reduce pain. Cayenne is also discovered to be very effective in reducing the discomfort and pain of arthritis.

  • Massage: This is very useful for relieving dog arthritis pain. It involves manual stimulation of muscle groups to reduce swelling and increase the range of motion, as well as circulation. Cold or warm compresses can accompany massages.

  • Hydrotherapy: This is an effective and common practice that combines water and massage to reduce inflammation and pain, and increase the pup's range of movements. Regular use of hydrotherapy may help make your dog feel more comfortable.

Dog Arthritis Supplements

Dog arthritis supplements, particularly dietary supplements, are measures designed to supply the body with minerals, nutrients, or other substances that contribute to the well-being of the body. These supplements may also be referred to as nutritional or food supplements, or sometimes called, nutraceuticals. The following lists are the most common supplements for treating arthritis in dogs. Always ask a veterinarian for an expert opinion.

  • Chondroitin and Glucosamine: These are the most common supplements to treat arthritis in dogs. Glucosamine works by protecting the joint instead of reducing the symptoms only. It helps to restore joint fluid and rebuild cartilage. Some believe that glucosamine can be helpful in protecting the joint, although more research is needed to prove it. These supplements are given orally. Your arthritic pet's symptoms should improve in around three to four weeks. If not, try another supplement.

  • MSM: This abbreviation stands for methyl-sulfonyl-methane. A common treatment for joint pain because the compound plays an important role in the formation of connective tissue and a healthy coat. MSM protects the cartilage from wear and tear and reduces joint pain related to osteoarthritis. In addition, it also helps reduce pressure in the cell and allows water and nutrients to flow and nurture the body. It as well helps maintain the elasticity of the skin. It is believed that MSM makes cells more permeable. Therefore, they can soak up more nutrients and get rid of more toxins. Because MSM is not synthetic, it is different from sulfa drugs.

  • Omega 3 fatty acids: You might have come across Omega 3 for human health; however it is very important for your pet’s health. A study conducted in Canadian study discovered that dogs fed a diet containing high levels of omega-3 fish fatty acids showed a major improvement in locomotor disability problems and everyday performance. In this study, 30 dogs with arthritis received foods containing omega-3 fatty acids derived from fish oil with different sources of fat. Both the walk and activity scores for pups on an omega-3 rich diet, however, no significant improvements were observed for other dogs.

  • CBD Oil for Arthritis: It is a sad sight to watch your pet deal with arthritis. Although there are medications to help them deal with the inflammation and pain, these frequently induce a variety of side effects. Fortunately, there is a growing interest and studies being made to find out more about how CBD may reduce the symptoms of arthritis and delay its progression. We will discuss how phytocannabanoids, especially Bailey's CBD Oil may be able to help dogs suffering from arthritis without producing side effects.

Bailey's CBD Oil may be very useful in relieving joint pain and arthritis symptoms. Research is starting to show that phytocannabanoids like CBD have great anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects, making it a practical option for the treatment of arthritis symptoms. Bailey's CBD Oil will not make your dog “high." The cannabis compound that causes the psychoactive "high" effects is tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. And Bailey's CBD Oil is a completely different compound that is safe, reliable, and most importantly non-psychoactive.

In 2016, researchers from the University of Kentucky, USA, conducted a study using phytocannabanoid gels. After inducing arthritis in rats, they treated the rodent with different strengths of phytocannabanoid gels for four successive days. The outcome of the study showed that phytocannabanoids helped relieve inflammation in the affected joints and also lessened swelling. It is clear that fighting inflammation is the key to controlling the progression of arthritis.

Now let's take a look at why trying Bailey's CBD Oil for your dog’s arthritis is a great idea. Most of the problems we see with arthritis are accompanied by inflammation, which is one of the main benefits of the CBD phytocannabanoid. Because it may relieve inflammation and pain, which makes it easier to get those joints relaxed and feel better, this is also a good time to get your dog active with exercise to lose any extra weight they may have gained.

If you are not sure of how to deal with your dog's arthritis, Bailey's CBD Oil is a great place to start. Research recommends that phytocannabanoids like CBD can be better endured by the body than other normal medications. The bottom line is, Bailey's CBD Oil may be a healthy or even life changing supplement for your pet. Nowadays more and more holistic veterinarians and dog owners are attracted to its varied and known health benefits, and they are happy knowing that there are no side effects and that animals do not seem to build up a tolerance.

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