CBD For Dogs: A Practical Guide For Pet Parents In Need

CBD For Dogs: A Practical Guide For Pet Parents In Need
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What is CBD and what does it do for dogs?

CBD is a cannabinoid, a chemical compound found inside the cannabis plant. It’s non-psychoactive in nature, has a plethora of healing effects and is mostly derived from hemp, which means it’s legal all over the world. Cannabinoids from plants fit into the mammalian body like a glove. Here’s why... Our dogs & cats (like all other mammals) have an endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is a network of cellular receptors and activators that has an important role in regulating body functions like mood, sleep, pain, memory, appetite, inflammation, nausea, stress levels and much more. This system operates through chemicals called endocannabinoids, that the mammalian body produces in order to maintain balance in this system. Unfortunately, our furry friends are sometimes not able to produce some of these chemicals on their own, which puts their system, and certain processes inside it, in dis-balance. Endocannabinoids are successfully replicated and stimulated through cannabinoids found inside the cannabis plant. Supplementing with cannabinoids such as CBD helps put the mammalian endocannabinoid system in balance once again and helps put an end to many agonizing conditions which are affected by endocannabinoids misfiring. CBD does this mainly by interacting with several receptors: TRPV1, 5-HTIA and GPR55. Shortly upon consummation, CBD activates TRPV-1 receptors and may help balance body temperature, chronic or acute pain and inflammation. When 5-HTlA receptors are stimulated, there is a significant increase in dopamine secretion, which produces antidepressant and anxiolytic effects.

FAQ: is Bailey's CBD safe for pets?

Yes, it is safe. Because our products are virtually free of THC, there is no intoxicating effect. However, phytocannabinoids, like those found in Bailey’s CBD products are instrumental in our body’s regulatory system and support important functions, such as: appetite, digestion, immune function, inflammation, pain, mood, sleep, reproduction/fertility, motor control, temperature regulation, and memory. The overall effect is that the body achieves homeostasis, and all of it’s systems are balanced.

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You might see these terms thrown around quite often when explaining various products that are said to benefit your pet’s health in certain ways, and it can be rather confusing to take in. Full spectrum hemp oil and CBD isolate are two completely different products, and it is important to understand these differences and be able to spot them when looking for a CBD product to give your pet to ensure the most therapeutic experience for your furry loved ones.

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This is a whole plant extraction, preserving hundreds of beneficial compounds from the hemp plant, one of the main one’s being Cannabidiol (or CBD). Others include therapeutic phytocannabinoids such as CBG, CBC, CBN, terpenes, flavonoids, as well as essential vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, and chlorophyll. All of these compounds have a synergistic interaction with each other (also known as the Entourage Effect) and the more that are present, the better. This improves the overall therapeutic value of the hemp oil. You will also notice that full spectrum oil is murky and dark in color. You want to always look for full spectrum, phytocannabinoid rich hemp CBD products, like Bailey’s CBD.

Cannabinoids found in the hemp plant

CBD isolate: this is CBD in its purest form. This is a highly processed extraction, removing everything recognizable from the hemp plant except the molecule CBD. It is often found in the form of white powder, or crystals, and can be mixed into nearly anything.

Learn about the health benefits of CBD for dogs

CBD has shown to be very effective for your dog’s overall health as well as some specific conditions. So, even if your best friend does not suffer from any specific condition, it is perfectly fine to give them CBD as a preventative measure, or just as a daily supplement. However, hemp CBD can also be used alone as a holistic method of addressing certain conditions or in addition to other medications for a number of different conditions and symptoms. Let’s break this down in more detail…

See how CBD can help our pets with allergies

Itching, scratching, licking, chewing ... Skin issues can be very irritating for both our dogs and ourselves. Just like humans, dogs can be irritated by substances like pollen, food, insect venom (or flea saliva), dust, or even some types of pet shampoos. Itching can usually affect a dog’s belly, armpits, ears, paws and cheeks. It can go on for months and even years in some extreme cases. There are so many things that can cause an allergic reaction, but there is a possible solution in the form of CBD. The cause of itching, hives, and blisters is inflammation, and CBD has been shown to be a very effective anti-inflammatory, helping to relieve skin allergies in dogs. The symptoms mentioned above may be addressed by adding CBD to your pet's daily diet.

CBD may reduce anxiety in dogs

Studies have shown that CBD can help reduce anxiety levels in people, so it’s not a surprise that it also works for dogs too. Some dogs experience higher levels of [unnecessary] anxiety than others. This issue alone can make your daily walking routine in the park a walk of hell. Every dog should be exposed to interaction with other dogs as soon as possible. It’s a normal part of animal socialization. Early socialization is very important for your dog’s further behavior. Some dogs tend to develop some kind of fear of future possible dangers. Dogs suffering from anxiety tend to show symptoms and can react with urination, excessive barking and even destructive behavior. Also, many companion dogs tend to develop separation anxiety, having difficult times while being separated from their owner. Some dogs feel anxious while being left alone in the house, manifesting excessive distress behavior. Thanks to products like Bailey’s CBD Oil For Dogs, pet parents can take a break. By adding CBD-rich hemp oil to your dog’s life, you can help your fluffy friend feeI much more relaxed, as CBD promotes homeostasis (or balance) of the body’s regulatory systems, with one of those being the nervous system.

CBD may reduce fears and phobias in dogs

Fears of fireworks and thunderstorms are very common in dogs. Unfortunately, on the 4th of July, New Years Eve, or during a major storm, you almost can’t do anything to calm your dog down completely. Noise phobias can be a great distress for your pet. But fortunately, products like Bailey's CBD can help you and your dog to stop the problem from getting worse. By bringing the body to homeostasis, their nervous system will be less prone to react to distressing triggers, helping our pet's feel better while allowing you peace of mind.

CBD may help with mobility issues in dogs

Arthritis is one of the most common orthopedic issues in dogs. In fact, it’s an umbrella term for abnormal changes and degenerative conditions caused by inflammation in joints. The main cause of arthritis is tissue damage caused by joint physical trauma, stress, infection, or even an immune system disorder. The most common joint disorder is hip dysplasia. What really happens is that cartilage can’t be regenerated as fast as it’s wearing off. Because of that, the bony layer becomes increasingly exposed to inflammation. That all leads to a thickening of the protection layer around the joint making it less elastic and mobile. Also, the blood vessels surrounding the inflamed joint can become swollen and inflamed too, causing calcium deposits to accumulate... It all makes the condition very painful, making our pets uncomfortable to move, even walk. Arthritis is very common among dogs, especially the large breeds, but it also affects smaller dogs. Since CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory and pain killing effects, it has caught the attention of many for helping deal with orthopedic issues. By giving products such as Bailey's CBD orally, your dog will be relieved from two of most annoying symptoms related to inflammation: swelling and pain.

CBD can help reduce aggression in dogs

When it comes to aggressive behavior in dogs, it’s a much more complex issue. There are a number of factors that can cause canine aggression: medical problems, behavior issues, trauma... Aggression is usually triggered by a specific situation. In addition to taking behavioral classes with your dog, using products like Bailey's CBD may help your pet feel more calm and relaxed, especially in times when they are usually triggered to react in aggressive behaviors.

Learn how cbd can help regulate appetite and digestion in dogs

Some dogs are just easy to feed. They eat almost everything, but the problem can arise with dogs that are picky eaters. There can be a number of reasons why your dog might be picky. If your dog usually has a good appetite and you notice some changes, it could be one of many digestive problems. Also, too many treats can spoil your dog, which could lead to them wanting to eat only that, and not proper food. However, because CBD promotes homeostasis (or balance) of the digestive system, it may help stimulate appetite in undernourished pets. CBD has also been reported to help reduce nausea as well as calm an upset stomach.

Learn about CBD and epilepsy in dogs here

Epilepsy is a medical condition that causes repeated seizures. This can be a very frustrating experience for both you and your dog. One minute your dog is just fine, the next it’s on the floor, drooling, uncontrollably shaking and twitching or being unconscious. This usually means one thing, an epileptic seizure, which can last from one to several minutes. What happens during a seizure is an abnormal electrical activity burst in the dog’s brain. That makes it behave in an unconventional way, without any control of its body. Epilepsy and other seizures can be caused by eating something poisonous, head trauma, stroke, brain cancer, and many other conditions. Seizures affect between 1 and 5 percent of dogs. Veterinarians usually prescribe phenobarbital - a conventional medication used to stop seizures in dogs, as well as muscle spasms that come with the seizure. However, this drug tends to have numerous side effects in both humans and dogs. So, more and more vets are willing to give pet owners another option: products like Bailey’s CBD Oil & Soft Chews.

Learn about CBD for dogs with glaucoma here

Glaucoma is a very common eye condition in some dog breeds. It’s manifested as high ocular pressure which causes inadequate draining of fluids in the eye. If the condition is chronic, it can lead to partial sight loss, even the complete blindness. About 40 percent of dogs diagnosed with glaucoma lose their sight completely, despite the early diagnosis or treatment. CBD has been reported by many pet parents as being beneficial for helping pet’s with high ocular pressure and the resulting Glaucoma.

Which CBD product is best for my dogs needs?

After working with top veterinarians in the field, we have found that the most beneficial and therapeutic CBD products to use for pets are those that are made with a full spectrum hemp extract that is phytocannabinoid rich, while retaining as much of the hemp plant as possible. Bailey’s CBD products are all natural, contain no additives, no preservatives, and are made with organically grown hemp which is hand harvested & hang dried on our partnered farm in Boulder, Colorado. This is so important to keep in mind when choosing a CBD-based product for your pet, because at the end of the day, we all want what’s best to help our pet’s live healthy, age gracefully, and feel complete.

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How much CBD should I be giving my pet?

Our consulting Veterinarian, Dr. Robert Silver in Colorado has found that the best place to start with is 1MG per 10LB of animal weight twice daily. Some pets, especially older one's, who may be deficient in their body’s natural ability to produce endogenous cannabinoids, may require a higher dose; however it is always recommended to start at 1MG per 10LB of animal weight twice daily, and adjust accordingly as necessary. Since Bailey’s CBD products are virtually THC free, there is never a need to worry about giving your pet too much, as they will never get “high” or become intoxicated from our products. What is not absorbed by your pet’s endocannabinoid system will be passed through into their waste product.



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