Is CBD Oil Safe for Pets? 3 Reasons Why Pet CBD Should be Lab-Tested

Is CBD Oil Safe For Pets? 3 Reasons Why Pet CBD Should Be Lab-Tested - Featured Banner
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A cannabinoid found in the hemp plant, CBD for pets is used to help treat countless conditions and symptoms today. Many use it for pain, inflammation, arthritis & joint pain, IBD, sleep, anxiety, mobility, immune health, allergies, hot spots in dogs, and much more.

A concerned dog owner wondering about the safety of CBD oil for pets.

1. Is CBD Oil Safe for Pets

But now that CBD for pets has grown in popularity, many wonder: is CBD safe for pets?

Yes! CBD is safe for pets. CBD is a cannabinoid naturally found in the hemp plant, along with many other cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and plant compounds. Hemp plant compounds, including CBD, naturally interact with our dog’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS).

However, the safety and efficiency of pet CBD products heavily relies on the quality of hemp used, hemp cultivation, the extraction process, and how the pet CBD products are manufactured.

This is why third party lab tests for pet CBD are vital when trying to find the best CBD for dogs, cats, and other pets. Lab testing CBD for pets reveals the hemp quality, ensures pet CBD potency, and ensures that there are no harmful residuals or solvents in the pet CBD products.

Scientist examining a lab test report for CBD quality in pet products.

2. Lab Tests Reveal the Quality of CBD for Pets

The quality of hemp for pets first and foremost depends on how the hemp was grown, harvested, extracted, and manufactured. Lab testing CBD for pets lets us know that the whole pet CBD product is clean and safe from any harmful additives or residuals after these processes are finished.

Lab technician ensuring pet CBD products are free from harmful residuals and solvents.

3. Lab Test Prevent Harmful Residuals or Solvents in Pet CBD Products

Lab testing CBD for pets prevents harmful substances from being added or leftover in the hemp extract or final product.

Let’s take a look at how each of the following processes affect the final pet CBD product to understand how lab tests keep CBD for pets as safe as possible.

Growing Hemp & CBD for Pets

High quality hemp extract is necessary for an effective and safe pet CBD product. Where and how the hemp is cultivated helps determine its overall potency and safety. The quality of CBD for dogs is higher when grown in regions best suited for hemp cultivation, like Colorado or Oregon.

The best CBD for pets is grown organically without pesticides or harmful additives in the soil. If hemp is not grown carefully, it won’t provide the needed medicinal benefits and effects. If grown unsafely or with harmful substances & pesticides, the final hemp extract also contains those additional substances. This sometimes leaves us with pet CBD products that can harm instead of heal. Natural and organic is always the way to go when it comes to CBD for pets.

Harvesting Hemp & CBD for Pets

All hemp plants are incredibly unique, each requiring very mindful and careful handling. The plants need to be cut differently based on strain and shape. Machines can’t recognize these plant differences like humans. Harvesting hemp by hand helps preserve hemp quality, potency, flavor, and clean testing lab results. We get our cannabinoids from the flowers of the hemp plant.

Machine-harvesting hemp doesn’t allow for the gentle handling necessary for cultivating potent, high quality hemp. Many large pet stores or pet CBD companies use machine-harvested hemp, which often destroys delicate plant matter that contains most of hemp’s medicinal properties. There is also more of a contamination risk with machine-harvested hemp because machines can hold residual pesticides.

That’s why it’s important for pet CBD companies to get their hemp extract from experienced growers. Look for small, organic hemp farms who cultivate their hemp intentionally and don’t cut corners. As pet parents we want the best for our fur babies.

Extracting Hemp & CBD for Pets

After hemp for pets is grown, harvested, dried, and cured, it is extracted. The extraction method significantly affects both the quality of hemp extract and final product.

During the extraction process, the hemp is refined into a concentrated, potent extract containing high levels of cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and other hemp plant compounds. The type of extraction used helps determine the final potency and outcome. Two of the most popular extraction methods that pet CBD companies use today are ethanol and CO2.

Sometimes if the extraction isn’t done properly or safely, traces of solvents are leftover in the final product or many medicinal hemp compounds are lost in the process. Sometimes extraction is done with harmful solvents and chemicals that both change the hemp compounds and leave traces in the final product.

Lab testing CBD for pets ensures there are no residuals after extraction and no added solvents in the hemp extract itself or the final pet CBD product.


If a pet CBD product contains organically-grown hemp, it’s almost useless if it also contains added harmful ingredients that counteract hemp’s healing properties.

For example, many large pet stores sell CBD dog treats and hemp chews for dogs with added inflammatory ingredients and common allergens that cause more health issues. Chronic inflammation can lead to serious underlying conditions and painful symptoms. Pain and treating conditions are reasons why many choose CBD for pets in the first place - the last thing we need is our pet CBD causing more!

Hemp extract works best when paired with ingredients of equally high quality. Always look for dog CBD and cat CBD products with non-inflammatory, healthy ingredients that you know your pet enjoys. Minimal is often best, although CBD for pets can be very effective when combined with other therapeutic ingredients for specific effects.When made with quality ingredients, CBD treats for dogs are a tasty way to get the CBD benefits for dogs. Treats offer specific CBD dosages for dogs, nutrition, and can be combined with other helpful compounds for maximum effect.

Measuring the potency of CBD for pets in a laboratory setting.

4. Lab Test Ensure the Potency of Pet CBD Products

Lab testing CBD for pets ensures that the pet CBD product contains actual full spectrum hemp extract and CBD. It also ensures that the extraction process did not alter the hemp compounds.

Many pet stores sell products that claim to have CBD but in reality only have hemp seed oil for dogs. Hemp seed oil for dogs does not contain the cannabinoids and high amount of hemp plant compounds that full spectrum hemp oil for dogs does. Some of these contain relaxing ingredients at best; and although those can be effective especially when paired with quality CBD hemp extract, they do not provide the CBD benefits for dogs or support our pet’s Endocannabinoid System on their own.

Lab tests make sure the pet CBD products are as potent as claimed, containing the advertised milligram amount of CBD and other hemp compounds. Some pet CBD companies claim their hemp product has more CBD than it does. Lab tests keep them honest.

A happy pet with Bailey's CBD products, symbolizing quality and safety.

5. Bailey's CBD for Pets: Quality, Safe, and Lab-Tested

Every order from Bailey’s CBD is backed by our 30 day satisfaction guarantee, so you can buy with confidence.

Baileys CBD for pets hemp source

Bailey’s CBD products are all natural, made with certified organic hemp, and contain no additives or preservatives. Baileys subcritical C02 full spectrum hemp extract is single-sourced from our USDA organic small family farm partner Moon Mother Hemp Co. in Boulder, CO. They’re known for growing medicinal grade hemp rather than the less therapeutic industrial variety. Their hemp is organically grown without pesticides, lovingly hand harvested, and carefully hung to dry.

Veterinarian-formulated CBD for pets near me

Many companies rebrand human CBD oil as dog CBD or cat CBD. Baileys CBD works with a licensed veterinarian to ensure our pet CBD products are tailored to your pet’s specific needs. All Bailey’s CBD for pet products are made under the guidance and strict scrutiny of Dr. Robert Silver in Colorado.

Dr. Silver has years of CBD clinical research experience with cats, dogs, and horses. He is certified in veterinary acupuncture, has 40 years of experience helping pets with complex chronic diseases, and has many published writings.

Dr. Silver blends the best alternative therapies with the best standard conventional medical diagnostics & therapeutics to improve pet patient health. He established Boulder’s Natural Animal as one of the first integrative US veterinary practices in the US that still helps guide and act as a model for current integrative veterinary practices. Baileys CBD is proud to partner with him to make the highest quality, best CBD for pets that is specifically formulated for their bodies.

Pet owner measuring CBD dosage for their dog according to Bailey's guidelines.

6. How Much CBD Do I Give My Dog?

How much CBD to give your dog depends on their size and personal needs.

Our full spectrum CBD oils for dogs and CBD oils for cats come with Dr. Silver’s suggested dosing and usage guide. This CBD for pets guide includes starting doses for long-term and proactive wellness - as well as higher, more therapeutic CBD dosing for dogs in pain or those with illness.

Consistency is key when it comes to using CBD for pets. CBD for dogs and cats is more effective when taken regularly. Dr. Silver suggests a CBD dose for dogs twice a day and adjusting the dose after a week or two if needed.

Various bottles of Bailey's CBD oil for different pets - dogs, cats, and more.

7. Bailey's CBD Oil For Dogs, Cats, and other Pets

Hemp oil for dogs allows more concentrated, potent doses of CBD for dogs. It’s also easier for pups who may struggle with chewing and digestion or are picky eaters. Place on a paw to be licked off, in food or treats, or directly in the mouth.

Our full spectrum hemp extract is combined with fractionated coconut oil (MCT oil). One of the most effective mixing agents for CBD hemp extract for pets, medium chain triglyceride (MCT) fatty acids contain healthy saturated fats. Coconut oil has many benefits for dogs, including helping coat health, itchy skin, allergies, digestion, immune function, and flea & tick prevention.

Bailey’s CBD oil for dogs comes in multiple strengths. Our dog CBD oil is calibrated at 10mg/ml for our regular strength oil and 30mg/ml for our extra strength 2:1 CBD:CBG oil. Studies show that CBG for dogs offers many of the important hemp benefits for dogs, including helping appetite, pain, glaucoma, skin issues, inflammation, bone repair, seizures, and more.

Known to be more energizing than other cannabinoids, CBG is also known to be non-intoxicating, making it ideal for pets, which is why we love using it in our extra strength hemp oil for dogs!

Delicious CBD treats for dogs from Bailey's, promoting overall wellness.

8. Bailey's CBD Treats for Dogs

CBD dog treats are a tasty way to get the CBD benefits for dogs. Treats offer specific CBD dosages for dogs and can be combined with other helpful compounds.

Many hemp chews for dogs are also cooked in ways that change or destroy the raw hemp components. However, Bailey’s CBD chews for dogs are cold-pressed and never baked, keeping the natural abundance of hemp properties.

We offer three full spectrum CBD dog treat blends for wellness, calmness, and mobility. Each has anti-inflammatory ingredients, full spectrum hemp extract with high amounts of naturally-occuring CBD, and other therapeutic ingredients for maximized effect. All ingredients are high quality and intentionally-chosen. Baileys hemp chews for dogs are all soft and accessible for safe chewing.

Lab equipment showcasing Bailey's commitment to lab-tested CBD for pets

9. Bailey's CBD for Pets Lab Tests

Bailey’s CBD for pets products are all third party lab tested - no exceptions. Each product has a lot number and QR code for certificate of analysis results. We care about offering only the most potent, effective, and safest pet CBD. We want you to be able to easily access our lab test results, so you and your pet can rest easy.

A community-focused image with Bailey's team engaging with pet owners.

10. Bailey's CBD: Knowledgeable and Community-Focused

If a pet CBD company doesn’t know much about hemp, they won’t know how to make hemp for pets that is medicinal, safe, and beneficial.

We pride ourselves in being knowledgeable about hemp and hemp for pets, always committed to learning more. We love helping customers feel safe and comfortable using CBD for pets! Sometimes this means phone calls and emails answering any questions or concerns. Sometimes that means walking parents through finding the best CBD for their pet and what works best for their condition. We love taking the time to listen and help you learn as much as possible about the hemp benefits for dogs, cats, and other pets.

We are also very active with the local and online community! For every four bottles of pet CBD sold, we donate one free CBD bottle of full spectrum hemp CBD dog oil to a rescue in need. The local shelter Bailey's CBD donates to rotates each month.

Check out our blog library to delve into CBD for pets education and reviews from the community to learn more about who we are and what we do!

An adorable senior pug named Bailey enjoying Bailey's CBD products.

11. Bailey's CBD: Pet Approved

Last, but certainly NOT least, all dog CBD products are pet approved by our senior pug Bailey!

We genuinely care about how your pet enjoys our pet CBD, as well as the product quality. We make all Bailey’s CBD products with our pets’ taste buds and health specifically in mind. We think this is an important part of making sure pet CBD is safe and good for our pets.

Bailey’s CBD products are not only safe and effective - they’re also tasty as heck!

Check out our Instagram page to see more honest reviews and meet some of the pets in the Bailey’s CBD community!

Got any more questions on lab testing CBD for pets? Give us a holler!

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