How Often Should You Apply CBD Oil for Cats?

How Often Should You Apply CBD Oil for Cats?
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Is your cat showing abnormal, maybe even aggressive behaviors that you've never seen before? There is a good chance that your furry friend might be suffering from anxiety.

Anxiety in cats is actually very common. 20-25% of cats are treated at the vet for anxiety symptoms. You might be wary of giving your pet medication for this and unsure of where to turn.

What if there was a natural way to treat anxiety disorders in cats, along with pain, inflammation, and even cancer and seizures?

You're in luck because there is! CBD Oil for cats is a great way to treat almost any health issue that your cat might have.

Keep reading to learn how to use CBD for your pets, how often to use it, and other helpful information you'll need to know.

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1. Benefits of CBD Oil for Cats

Cat lying down with text overlay 'Benefits of CBD Oil for Cats'

Much like the human benefits of CBD, when used for cats it does a great job of relieving pain and inflammation. It's also good for treating anxiety and even controlling epileptic seizures.

Giving your cat CBD oil not only will treat the issues they might be having, but it also steers clear of any side effects. It's all-natural, so it's truly harmless.

There is little to no THC found in CBD oil, so there is no need to worry about any psychoactive effects. Although both of these cannabinoids are found in the hemp plant from which the oil gets extracted, it's fully legal in all 50 states and is completely safe for your cat!

2. How Much Should I Use?

CBD oil dropper with cat in background and text overlay 'How Much Should I Use?'

The dosage that you give your cat is going to depend on the size of your cat. The common recommendation is about 1 to 5 milligrams per 10 pounds.

Ideally, you'll want to start out with a lower dose and see how your pet reacts. If it's working well, they should appear in a neutral, relaxed state. If there seems to be no change, you can slowly increase the dose one milligram at a time until there is an improvement.

A general rule of thumb is that your cat will need more CBD if they have a more severe condition like seizures or cancer. The best way to find out how much you should use is by starting small and gradually increasing until you find the right dose for your cat.

Here's a link to a dosage chart determined by weight to help guide your decisions.

3. CBD Potency

Bottle of CBD oil with text overlay 'CBD Potency'

Another factor to consider is how much CBD is actually in the product you're buying. Finding out the exact amount can be tricky since every company might label its products a bit differently.

CBD Clinicals suggests that a label of "2400 mg of hemp extract" and "2400 mg of CBD" are not the same thing, and you should pay attention to that.

A product labeled as hemp extract may only have a small amount of CBD. Meanwhile, if a product is labeled as purely CBD, it likely will be more potent.

4. When to Apply

Clock with CBD oil bottle and text overlay 'When to Apply'

Just like dosage, application frequency can vary between cats.

For general, daily uses, one to two times per day is recommended. If you're expecting your cat to be in a stressful environment (or face a stressful event like fireworks or being separated from you), try giving it to them thirty minutes prior.

To reduce inflammation and pain, you can give it every eight hours or any other time throughout the day as needed.

If there is an unexpected stressful event like a rainstorm, try giving your cat a dose at the first sign of the storm. That way, they can be calm throughout the rest of it.

5. Warning Signs of an Overdose

Cat lying down with text overlay 'Warning Signs of an Overdose'

There are endless benefits to giving your cat CBD oil. However, it's important to be careful not to give too much.

Too much CBD can lead to side effects that are undesirable and can prevent your pet from feeling its best. If your cat seems lethargic or sluggish after giving them oil instead of mildly relaxed, it's likely you've given them too much.

The good news is that even if you think your cat may have had too much CBD, there are no known harmful side effects to overdosing. The effects won't last much longer than a few hours, and your cat will return to his old self in no time.

It is extremely rare, even in very large doses, for your cat to have any adverse side effects from taking too much CBD.

6. Where to Start

CBD oil dropper with text overlay 'Where to Start'

For cats, one of the best and most recommended ways to use CBD is with an oil dropper. You can simply put a few drops in their food bowl and mix it around so they get it right with their food.

It's recommended to find one containing sardine oil instead of just coconut oils. It's easier on their stomachs and even more tasty for them this way!

Before giving any CBD products to your cat, be sure to get approval from your veterinarian. You could also check with them to find the best options.

7. Your Cat's Road to Wellness and Happiness

Happy cat with text overlay 'Your Cat's Road to Wellness and Happiness'

Being a cat parent can be a lot of responsibility, and it's only normal that you would want the best for them, just like a human parent with a human child. Pets really are a huge part of any family, after all!

CBD oil for cats has endless benefits, even if your cat doesn't have any serious issues. Why not give it a try? It's certainly worth a shot, and you're sure to notice a difference in your cat's health and behavior.

What else can CBD do for your pet? Check out our full line of pet products and say hello to a lifetime of healthy and happy furry friends!

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